Writing is harder than it looks

I started thinking about writing a blog many years ago. We're talking at least a decade ago. This was "back in my day" when blogs were fresh and nobody was writing them, Facebook wasn't big yet, MySpace was a giant, and Internet Explorer had a huge strangle on the browser market. Back then, I wasn't even in to software yet, I was still attending the California State University in Chico CA.

What finally got me to get something written down after all these years? I had an epiphany that I could/should take incremental and iterative concepts from the software development and apply it to other things in my life, like wanting to start a blog.

What does that mean in practice? Designing and building a skateboard before the rocket ship to get from point A to point B. I had realized that over the years, the urge to start a blog had always been there and I had always started with grand designs on building a blog, a website, some forums, social media, and whatever else the hot new thing was at the time. I was doing the opposite of what I had been learned to do in an official capacity as a developer - over-engineer from the start. DOH!

Here it is then, the starting point. The skateboard.